I have launched a NEW TOPIC for 2018 and am excited to bring these insights to audiences!

Success in the Innovation Age: Navigating Change

We’ve entered a new economy where technology transforms and the strategies for future success are changing like never before. After 30+ years of facilitating planning for clients across sectors, helping organizations meet growing needs in better ways, Jim has learned that a Better Benefit focus helps guide technical choice and improves implementation, minimizing the disruption of change.

With a background developing new products, including international software, Jim tracks trends to make sense of solutions. Biotech, Blockchain, AI and Big Data will transform processes, leading to new forms of opportunities but also workplace stressors. Experience facilitating work design applied to the seven start-ups Jim founded proves that technology must be evaluated in human terms and a ‘Culture of Thanks’ thrives. Jim will share lessons learned from across sectors showcasing how to better navigate and lead change effectively.

Key Outcomes:
• Insight into the Innovation Age where all work is transforming, recognizing it will cause growing workplace stress in predictable ways. There are also more opportunities than ever before to improve client satisfaction.
• Understanding that all change produces both good and bad results enables new, more balanced planning models, leading to greater potential to implement change successfully. For example, conducting a SWOT Analysis to lead a planning session now creates resistance to change.
• From blockchain to digital automation the technical details of new technologies are overwhelming, but by understanding the better benefits of each of these underpinnings of the Innovation Age, an appreciation of their potential makes evaluation and acquisition more reliable.
• Decision made, implementing technology often leads from disruption to the Dark ‘Night of the Innovator’. Lessons across sectors and from Jim’s own businesses provide advice to better lead change. His work supporting regional Clusters point to lessons learned creating Innovation Networks.

Tuning to Tomorrow: Future Success Strategies
By focusing on how human needs are changing, Jim identifies the most critical issues facing your organization. He explains what is behind them and guides your future direction with strategies to improve success. Jim’s value as a futurist is that he looks at the interplay between technology, economic, social and demographic trends to affect your customer’s needs, while sharing strategies that cross sectors that he has often applied first within the businesses he owns. Change is accelerating and technology is transforming organizations like never before. Jim addresses the stress of change by stimulating innovative rethinking of the approach to planning, work design. leadership and technical implementation.

Here’s to future smiles.

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