We have looked over the evaluations and we are pleased to say that the annual meeting was a great success! Your presentation was well received by our members and your message certainly gave our group tangible information to take back to their companies. Thank you for moderating the session, “Effective Manufacturer and Distributor Relationships”. The session was a huge hit among our manufacturers and distributors alike. They both walked out of the session with some great information. Thank you again for providing NAHSA with an outstanding experience.”

North American Horticultural Supply Association


“Your participation as a keynote speaker and presentation Future Success Strategies were very well received by those in attendance. Many of our members commented that the information and insights you provided on strategies in the health sector helped them to gain greater understanding of the environment that they will be operation in as pubic health collectively works to change the conversation toward health and illness prevention in the coming months. Thanks again for your valuable contributions to making our conference a great success!”

Association of Local Public Health Agencies


“Jim is a top-notch market analyst and futurist. In order to prepare his presentation he interviewed key people from our management/marketing team, provided us with useable ideas and left us with a practical understanding of our market. His talk brought clarity to issues like how population demographics affect future positioning of our products. Jim spoke to our top management and received nothing but praise from our experts: he does his job well and presents his research with great enthusiasm. Jim was rated higher than any speaker at one of our conferences for many years and I highly recommend Jim to any audience that values both content and enthusiasm.”

Manitoba Hydro


“As a keynote speaker at the Leadership Summit, you made a significant contribution to this important conference for business leaders in Canada’s consulting engineering sector. Your session, Success Strategies for the Age of Innovation, was an integral component of our Business Program. Feedback on the program was very positive. Participants clearly valued your observations and insights on trends, managing change and delivering ‘better benefits’. I think you will agree that ACEC’s Leadership Summit 2014 was a valuable industry conference. Thank you for contributing to its success.”

Association of Consulting Engineering Companies


“I just wanted to say how much we appreciated all the hard work, research and professionalism that you showed at our Regional Market Expansion Forum on Thursday. The audience loved your content and how passionate and engaged you were, and I had several people come up to me afterwards to say how much the cluster content was especially interesting and provided them with big picture events to consider. Thanks again for your great job mediating and how friendly and professional you are! You are fantastic!!”

Initiatives Prince George


“On behalf of the board of directors of the Southwest Economic Alliance, I want to thank you for participating in our Assembly in Guelph. Delegates told me that they found your presentation, Future Success Strategies for the Southwest, engaging, thought provoking and a great start to the day’s exploration of the topic of “Tapping into Rural-Urban Synergies.”

Southwest Ontario Economic Alliance


“Jim did a suburb job as our Keynote Windup Speaker. His presence is overwhelming and his command of his topic is equally suburb. His discussion flowed seamlessly and he continuously tied his observations back to our industry. Watching the folks in the room, it became apparent that they enjoyed his presentation; as they say in the navy, Bravo Zulu!”

Canadian Home Builders Association – Edmonton Region


“Thank you again for your talk at our conference. I personally enjoyed it and it was well-received by the delegates, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.”

Canadian Association of Management Consultants


“Thank you so much for being a part of GAER’s Celebration of Success event. Your talent and ability as an engaging guest speaker is greatly appreciated. You brought tremendous energy and enthusiasm to our audience and we have heard lots of positive feedback.”

Grande Alberta Economic Region


“The Convention was a great success. Many of the delegates have mentioned to us how much they enjoyed your presentation. I think it is safe to say that very few of our delegates would have considered applying trend analysis to developing their business plans – but they will now. We also appreciated the effort you put into researching our industry. It paid great dividends in the relevance it added to your presentation.”

Canadian Electrical Contractors Association


“We were able to recognize the opportunities and tools needed to be innovative and competitive in a change environment. Our tourism operators came away with new ideas for collaboration and a better sense of the strategies for future success.”

Tourism Federation of Ontario


“Your research to learn more about the FCIDB and what is important to our membership and industry, both prior to the conference and by speaking to members and executive over the two days of the conference, was noticeable in your presentation. Your understanding of the business allowed you to take the information learned over the first day from other speakers, tie it together and relate it to our business in a way which was very informative and relevant. It is wonderful to have you come along to inspire, grow, develop and expand the boundaries we create.”

Federation of Canadian Independent Deposit Brokers


“Your presentation was right on the mark regarding the future needs and required focus of independent retailers in Canada. Based on the response from the group I would suggest that your messages were heard loud and clear. I also want to thank you for the efforts you made to customize your presentation to our group. Your pre-research added significantly to the quality of your presentation and helped to ensure it resonated with us.”

Mega Group Inc.


“Jim’s presentation was easy to follow and examples were easy to identify. He stimulated some personal ‘aha’ moments and his brain teasers were most helpful. We have a better understanding of trends and your presentation was helpful and interesting, placing labels on the change experienced.”

Peterborough |Social Planning Council


“Mr. Jim Bottomley’s presentation addressed the topic in a very practical way and provided excellent advice and suggestions to the conference participants. His style is informative, engaging and entertaining, and we highly recommend Mr. Bottomley as a keynote speaker in the e-commerce field.”

President and CEO, Contact North/Contact Nord


“I found Jim Bottomley’s presentation excellent. I also appreciated his efforts in calling various representatives from CIPS before the event to ensure his message met our crowd…overall a great job!”

Manager, eBusiness Solutions Centre, ISM Canada-IBM Global Centre

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