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We are entering a new economy, the Innovation Age, the greatest time of change in human history. The strategies for success are changing too. Understanding how technical, economic, social, demographic and trends in consumer behaviour are combining to affect human needs, Jim utilizes unique planning models to help industries and governments find future direction, identify opportunities, improve customer satisfaction, and cope with the stress of rallying change. Working across sectors, Jim provides insight into the changes and challenges organizations face, and suggests innovative strategies that cross boundaries.

As a professional speaker, Bottomley has spoken to over 250,000 audience members regarding future success strategies. His practical advice inspires positive change and Jim’s sessions are consistently rated at the highest level, serving to motivate, excite and inspire.


Since 1984, Jim Bottomley has been performing consulting services for a variety of government and private clients, performing the following roles:

  • Strategic Planning Services
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Sales Training
  • Marketing & Branding Strategy Development
  • Regional Cluster/Innovation Planning/Strategy
  • Leadership Development

Jim leads planning efforts with unique methods, deploying better benefit strategies (meeting future needs in better ways) to improve future success. His experiences as an entrepreneur often come into play. Jim’s presentations combine humor, high-energy and practical examples to make the future less threatening and efforts more likely to succeed.

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