Jim Bottomley

Author of "Hypnotizing Lions"

Jim Bottomley writes novels, short stories and co-writes songs.


His novel, HYPNOTIZING LIONS was a finalist for the 2019 Arthur Ellis Award for best unpublished Canadian mystery manuscript.  It’s a genre-bending psychological thriller, murder mystery and love story, offering intense suspense. Stay tuned for publication announcements.

Playing Harmonica

Overturning genre boundaries,



Can sanity survive,
or do delusions destroy?

Hypnotizing Lions explores folie a deux, the fuel for delusions and conspiracies.

Book Description

Forced to crash during a 2020 Valentine’s delivery, trucker Dan Harkness has no memory of the death of his beloved wife. Shattered and charged with her murder, he is desperate to recover missing memories through hypnotherapy. His psychiatrist, Doctor Cecily Williams works to sort delusion from reality. She fears Dan’s memories involving a secret mission are being spun by the ward’s evil sociopath into escape plans. Unlike Hannibal Lecter, Rosco Emerson doesn’t commit violence, he spawns it, skilled in orchestrating delusions that inspire chaos he can watch. Joining his escape may help Dan prove his innocence and find his wife alive.

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Book Cover Hypnotizing Lions - By Jim Bottomely

Crazy things happen. Doesn’t make you crazy.

Donna Carrick interviews Jim Bottomley on “Dead to Writes”

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Short Stories

Jim’s short story RUNNING WITH SALMON was a finalist for the 2018 Federation of BC Writers Best Short. Other short works and poems have been published with the Sooke Writers Collective. Jim appears in Anthologies Four through Eight, found at:


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Short Stories

Lyrics & Poems

Rhythm is everything. A regular concert-goer over the years, loving bands as diverse as The Grateful Dead to Radiohead and admiring Bob Dylan, Jim writes lyrics and co-writes songs with other musicians. He plays harmonica and sings less well than the other members of the song-writing cooperative, Well Spaced Trees. Based in Jasper National Park, Well Spaced Trees founding members include Mike Day and Matt Cushing, co-writers with Jim for the songs Dan Harkness quotes in HYPNOTIZING LIONS (Jim – lyrics, and multi-instrument Mike – music). Other revolving members of the Trees include Pat Mcleod, Randall Purvis, Mike Mitchell, Steve Blake, Jesse Lent and Tony Mastrianni, with guests including Brian MacMillan, David Ronald, Mike Landry, Da’Ari Lisle and Dave Tolley, former drummer for Xavier Rudd.

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