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A dark, scary, twisty novel

An amnesiac patient charged with murder leads a mass breakout from a psychiatric prison with hopes to prove his innocence. His co-escapee is a sociopath who orchestrates delusions to cause chaos, and the patients believe they are on a mission to defend our planet.

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Crazy things happen.
Doesn’t make you crazy.

Charged with the murder of his beloved wife and battling otherworldly delusions spun by dangerous patients, must Dan Harkness lead a psychiatric prison breakout to prove his innocence and find his wife alive?

Incarcerated, is Dan an insane murderer?

Donna Carrick interviews Jim Bottomley on “Dead to Writes”

From his cell, let’s ask Dan to describe his story:

Book Description

If life is a test, I’ve passed a few, but these are the craziest of times. I’m a failed songwriter working as a trucker. While delivering flowers for 2020 Valentine’s Day, I met a strange woman at a backroad diner who ran me off the road. Over one month later, I regained awareness sitting on my front lawn, the heat from flames waking me, our house on fire. They found a body burned beyond recognition who the police presume is my beloved wife, Gwen, but my desperate hope is that it can’t be her. I’ve been charged with murder and sent to a maximum-security hospital for evaluation. My psychiatrist, Doctor Cecily Williams, an expert at battling delusions, hopes to foil the power of folie a deux, the psychiatric syndrome that produces shared delusions. She worries that false memories drawn from me during hypnotherapy may fuel a delusion orchestrated by a dangerous sociopath. But are these false memories? The sociopath, who spins delusions to orchestrate violence he can watch, believes both he and I are on a mission struck by interdimensional forces. If true, to help save our delusional planet, we’ll have to break out of this psychiatric prison. Can I prove I’m no murderer and find my wife alive?


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