We are at the cusp of the Innovation Age, the greatest period of technological change in human history. It will be the fifth economy humans have created. Can you feel the change in the air? Would you agree that there has been more change in how you do your job over the last three years than in any other three year period previously?

As a professional speaker I ask every audience for a show of hands if they agree with that question. Over time, the percentage of hands has kept going up, to 90% at most events in 2015, culminating last month with 100% at a Halifax conference for people who manage municipal information systems. Not surprising that this profession perceives our current time as a period of greater change than ever before. They are bringing the public into their processes, whether through pothole patrol or buses that interact with the rider. We are living in a time when technology is disrupting all professions and common objects can be made smart. When new forms of collaboration cut across industry boundaries.

As humankind traveled through the eras, from hunter gatherer to agriculturalist, from the Industrial Age to the Age of Information, the strategies for success have changed dramatically. They are changing now.

Change causes stress. Today, stress relief sells like never before. Reducing the stress of those who interact with you is a winning strategy.

As a strategic planner and futurist working across sectors, I wish to share the lessons I’ve learned. I wish to give back, to help build better futures. This site and my upcoming blogs, podcasts, videos and writings will be my attempt to help make your world better.

Thanks for following along. It’s going to get exciting

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