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Overcome Innovation Age Disruption: Better Benefits are Key

We are in a new economy, The Innovation Age, where technology is transforming all work and the route to success is to develop Better Benefit goals. All success in new product development comes from offering a solid need satisfier in better ways, with better branding, marketing and sales results. Don’t do a SWOT Analysis, identify Better Benefit goals to guide technical implementation.

Planning Your Future? DON’T DO SWOT…

How many of you have attended planning sessions where facilitators conducted a S.W.O.T Analysis, asking participants to brainstorm your organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats? We are entering a new economy, the fifth in human history. Times...

Lessons Learned from my Aboriginal Heritage

Although I didn't know it until after she died, my mom was aboriginal. When mom was a child, gramma took her from the reserve. They moved to Ontario, where gramma disavowed their mi’kmaq heritage and claimed to be French. It speaks of the prejudism of the day for...


Podcast 6 : Fathers & Futures

In our latest podcast Bob and I discuss the future of agriculture mixed with Jasper mountain news such as surviving an avalanche and the joys of fatherhood. https://soundcloud.com/the-jasper-local/the-jasper-local-podcast-ep-6...


Where’s the Beef? – Future Branding Success

Alberta Beef Magazine Article - Interview by Bonnie Warnyca with Jim Bottomley

Banishing our Blindspot to Better Manage Change

We are entering a new economy, the Innovation Age, where change is accelerating and technology is transforming organizations like never before. The stress of change is increasing for all of us. And how we manage change is becoming more critical than ever. As a...

Creating a Culture of Thanks

This is the season for giving thanks. A time when employers recognize employees for the good work they do. But should this thankful thinking be more of a focus all year long? Here, I make the case that effective leaders are becoming more focused on being thankful...

A Better Way to Plan Your Future?

Is the value of futurists to make weather forecasters look good? In our introductory podcast Bob Covey observed that he never saw the profession futurist offered as an option during high school career counseling. In fact, MACLEANS magazine reported in their article...



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